My name is Britt Wright, the creator of Wright Nutrition. I grew up playing softball and found my love for fitness and nutrition after my softball career was over in college.

I found myself after softball being overweight and unhappy with how I felt about myself and decided I needed a change. I started working out at a local CrossFit gym where I discovered my love for all things fitness and nutrition. This led to me completing my degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science and Nutrition.

I started changing my nutrition from burritos and beer by following different fad diets and templates which ended leaving me more broken than I was before. When I finally reached out to a nutrition coach who specialized in personalized nutrition coaching my life was changed. Suddenly I was feeling better, performing at a higher level, and achieving the body composition goals that I wanted. I realized that nutrition was something that needs to be 100% personalized to people’s needs and goals. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Nutritional Coaching Institutes program and learn the art of personalized nutrition coaching.

Working with people changed my life, they have impacted me in such a way that led me to create this company. Hearing their life stories, being able to help them get their lives back and lead them to better health made me realize that I want to reach out and help more people. This life for me is about creating a positive impact in other’s lives and paying it forward.

Nutrition is much more than just macros, it’s about developing long-term habits, learning to value yourself and your worth, and optimizing your life.